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Our full-service repair department is always here to help you. While we strive to make our products free from the need for repair, accidents can still happen. You may lose a lid, gasket, or other part to one of our fine insulated servers. If so, we have replacement parts for all of our items. This way you don´t have to replace the whole item.

And, for those times when a glass-lined carafe or airpot is dropped -- we can replace that glass liner rather than forcing you to replace the whole item. We have been in business since 1933, and during that time we have accumulated a large collection of vacuum glass refill liners. So if you have that ancient looking carafe or ice bucket that you´ve been saving for sentimental reasons, why not put it back into use? We may have a liner that will fit it, even if it was not bought for it. Several of our competitors are forced to look to us for replacement liners for their own items because they do not carry replacements or they have run out of replacements for older items. When you buy a product from Hormel, you can be assured it will be functional for years!

For information on repairs, please contact us with an accurate description of your item, along with any markings on the bottom (to help us determine the origin and item #). Also, please note what part of the item needs repair. We will get back to you with a price quote ASAP.

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